Unlocks cash from the value of your home without you needing to move out.

Equity Release Inc. offers a simple, fast and innovative way for you to release cash from the equity in your home without you needing to move out, or to pay anything back in your lifetime. The money you release is yours to do with whatever you like: for example, to improve your lifestyle, or pay off an existing mortgage. Obviously, the amount of money you can cash out depends on your age and the value of your property.

Equity Release Inc. is committed to helping people utilise the equity in their homes to achieve financial security in retirement – without leaving their homes. The equity they hold in their home can be traded either for a lump sum of cash or a monthly income for life, or for a combination of the two.

Younger people with their own homes can also release equity in the same way and use the funds generated to meet immediate financial needs.

Equity Release Inc. is an on-line trading platform that facilitates trades between home-owners wishing to release equity, and investors willing to take up the equity in return for providing lump sum cash and/or monthly income to the home-owner. Equity Release Inc. does not participate in this transaction: it is simply the facilitating platform that enables the trade to be made.

How does it work?

Simple Online Processes. Direct Peer-to-Peer Direct Transactions. Reduced Costs.

1.    Home owners register on the Equity Release trading platform (click here to begin). The on-line registration process is simple and straightforward, but includes an automated KYC procedure in real time to verify the property ownership. The Home owner completes the online questionnaire which automatically builds the profile of the property to be utilised for Equity Release.

2.    Interested Investors register on the platform (after completing background check KYC), and select their criteria for identifying suitable properties (value, location, size, area, etc.). 

3.    The Equity Release platform matches Investors with Home owners, and provides interactive templates which enable the two parties to structure a mutually agreeable Equity Release deal.

4.    Based on the deal agreed, the platform generates a binding agreement, verified and recorded with blockchain, which specifies:

   i)    the rights of the Homeowner to remain resident in their property.

   ii)    the amount of equity released to the Home owner in the form of lump sum cash and/or on-going monthly income.

   iii)    the transfer of the full ownership of the property to the Investor at the end of the agreement.

5)    Once the binding agreement has been confirmed by both parties, the Investor begins the transfer of the agreed funds, the Home owner releases the property ownership documents. These are held securely in Escrow by Equity Release Inc. for the duration of the agreement.

6)    On completion of the duration of the agreement, the property documents are released from Escrow and transferred to the Investor, the transaction is completed and the transfer of ownership recorded on blockchain.

Our Fees
Equity Release Inc’s fees are modest compared to conventional models for buying and selling real estate, because of the efficiencies of our automated platform. We are able to pass on to our customers significant savings by using new systems instead of legacy systems, smart technology instead of human interfaces, and online transactions instead of manual processing.

In line with our corporate ethos of simplicity, transparency and efficiency, our fee structure is also simple, clear, and inexpensive compared to market norms. Our fees are shared equally between Home owner and Investor.

On successful completion of an Equity Release agreement, the Homeowner pays Equity Release Inc. a commission of 2.5% of any lump-sum cash released, plus 2.5% of any monthly income released for the duration of the agreement.

On successful completion of an Equity Release Inc agreement, the Investor pays Equity Release a commission of 2.5% of any lump-sum cash released, plus 2.5% of any monthly income released for the duration of the agreement.

Our Processes

Blockchain-Secured, KYC-verified

The Equity Release online trading platform utilises blockchain to ensure security and accuracy for all transactions on the platform.  And, well before the transaction stage is reached, the identities of Home owner and Investor have been verified and approved by a rigorous on-line KYC system  (see more on KYC.org ), so that both sides know they are entering into a legitimate deal with a legitimate counter-party.

Thus,  the Investor’s funds are transferred safely, securely, transparently to the Home owner. Property ownership is held in secure Escrow by Equity Release Inc.  for the duration of the agreement. 

At the end of the agreement, ownership is transferred to the Investor cleanly, securely, transparently and recorded on the blockchain-enabled platform. All other relevant documentation is stored digitally, systematically and securely.

The interests of both Investor and Home owner are protected at every stage of the process by Equity Release’s streamlined systems and advanced technology, reinforced by rigorous KYC upfront and robust blockchain throughout.

Online Processes – Reduced Costs

In developing its online platform, Equity Release Inc. set itself the objective of replacing outdated legacy systems and error-prone human interfaces with advanced technology and smarter systems. The benefits of this single-minded focus on digitalising and streamlining the process are three-fold: higher security; greater user-friendliness; and lower transaction costs.

By cutting out the middlemen and automating inefficient manual processes, Equity Release is able to pass the benefits on to its customers, and deliver to the market a superior product at significantly lower fees.

Direct Peer-to-Peer Transactions

Equity Release Inc’s trading platform enables direct, peer-to-peer transactions between Investors and Home owners. Funds are not held at any point by Equity Release Inc. The property title deeds are held in Equity Release Inc’s secure Escrow facility. Equity Release is the provider of a safe, secure, transparent platform that facilitates the legitimate trading of Real Estate between verified Home owners and Investors.

There are no ambiguities or “grey areas” in our transaction process. Funds are transferred, securely, transparently, traceably from the Investor to the Homeowner. At the conclusion of the agreement, the title deeds are released from Escrow, and ownership is transferred securely, transparently, traceably from the Home-owner to the Investor.

Equity Release Inc. provides the trading platform and Escrow facility which enables the deal and ensures that the transaction is safe, secure, transparent and between two legitimate parties. It is not part of the deal itself.

The Home-Ownership Catch 22: the Equity Trap

The ownership path for most people who buy their own homes follows this typical 4-stage progression:

1)    They arrange a mortgage and buy a property in early-/mid-career, when their earnings are sufficient, and when they are looking for a long-term home (often associated with marriage and the impending arrival of children).

2)    They spend the next 30 years putting a large proportion of their disposable income towards paying off the mortgage.

3)    When they enter retirement, the mortgage is (hopefully) paid off, and they own their home outright. But they live on a modest pension, with no further prospect of high-salaried employment. Essentially, they are asset-rich, but cash-poor. They are sitting on the biggest single acquisition of their lives, but do not have sufficient income to enjoy a reasonable quality of life.

4)    Ultimately, inevitably, they pass away, leaving their property – their most important lifetime financial achievement – to be sold off, with the proceeds being distributed to the family.

The typical bottom-line:   the Home owner (and spouse) deny themselves a well-deserved enjoyment in their old age, by keeping the value of their lifetime’s work locked up in the value of their property.

If their intention is to pass on this full value to their children, that is both understandable and praiseworthy. If their children do not need or want such a generous inheritance, and would prefer their parents to live happily in their older years, then this is not a good outcome. Not for the parents, not for their kids.

By enabling Home owners to cash in this lifetime-accumulated value, Equity Release Inc. provides a safe, sensible and smart solution for Home owners to stay living in their home, and take a lump sum and/or a monthly income from the equity they own. And, of course, to enjoy a happier life in their advancing years.